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CAIWEI 100'' Portable Projector Screen HD 16:9 PVC for Home Office Outdoor

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High-grade PVC white soft curtain with black edges and perforations, front image, black opaque on the back, delicate effect.

  1. The angle of view is large, the light is even and soft, and it is not easy to cause visual fatigue.
  2. Good contrast and improve the color of the image quality
  3. The color reproduction is high, the screen image is clear and vivid, which is unmatched by other traditional screens.
  4. The gain effect is good, even if the projector with low lumen value still has clear and bright effect, the color reproduction is excellent, which is an ideal accessory product to make up for the defects of the light source equipment.
  5. Metal powder and adhesive are imported materials, strong bonding, no falling off, no discoloration, anti-static, can be cleaned at any time.
  6. Green, no smell, the curtain base is ultra-thin, soft, foldable, flat and not curled
  7. Easy to clean, moisture-proof and long service life



Type: Portable Folding Screen

Material: PVC

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Screen Size: 100"

Gross Weight: 1.5KG

Visable Size: 221X125cm

Viewing Angle: >160°


Package Includes:

1x Portable Screen