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LUFVEBUT 250W Juicer Machine Slow Juice Extractor - B5100, Meteorite Gray

LUFVEBUT 250W Juicer Machine Slow Juice Extractor - B5100, Meteorite Gray

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🌈Powerful Motor, Quiet Operation: The cold press juicer is equipped with an intelligent protection chip, high-quality full-copper motor, rust-proof and durable. 250w powerful motor keeps the temperature cool throughout the juicing process, which will minimize foam and keep the fibers intact. Chew the ingredients repeatedly to better filter the pulp and make the juice more delicate. Less than 60 db, low noise, will not disturb anyone, make you feel more pleasant when juicing.

🍎Nutritious Juice, Pulp and Juice Separation: The principle of the slow masticating juicer is to extract as many nutrients as possible from fresh produce. A slower juicing rate allows fruits and vegetables to break down and release more nutrients. Upgraded 7-segment auger mimics the entire chewing process and separates the juice from the pulp before pushing the food into the filter. Low-temperature juicing environment maintains the original taste of the juice.

🍋One Minute Quick Cleaning: Unlike the centrifugal juicers, cold press juicer extractor are easier to clean. The main body of the juicer is coated with piano paint, which can be wiped with a paper towel or a rag after each use. You only need to use a cleaning brush to brush off the remaining pulp, or rinse it off with water directly, without spending too much time. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, safe and efficient.

🍑2 Speed Modes Juicer for Vegetable and Fruit: Fruit and vegetable juicer machine can be used for both fruits and vegetables. The 2-speed modes are not only suitable for fruits such as apples and raspberries, but also for hard ingredients such as celery, wheatgrass, and celery. It can squeeze fresh juice from various fruits and vegetables, and can choose different speed modes according to your ingredients, suitable for people of all ages.

🎁Easy to Assemble: It adopts a one-button lock removal design, all parts can be fully installed and removed within 30 seconds. Due to the ease of disassembly and assembly, clean-up is very fast. If you encounter a blockage, please turn off the power first, then press the "reverse" button, and finally continue to select "soft"/"hard" mode, which can be easily solved. No need for complicated operations, DIY your delicious juice every day.
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